The sky is a great big green baloon

The sky is a great big green balloon

Me and Johnathan
sit quietly
looking at the sky
top of Primrose Hill,
London, all still and whispered
before us,
just as I imagined it
from the movies.

Visited his mum
now eighty
the weight of years
paint-peeled and dusty
across her face,
but traces of laughter
still lingered.

The journey up,
from south of the river
had been a nightmare,
the tube tugged hard
at his ticks and tricks
touching each cornered edge
to feel safe.

“They never called it autism
when he was a kid”
his mum had said,
“Just beat him and told me
he was simple“.

“He never really talked,
that’s how I knew,
at first I thought he caught it
from no knowing his Dad,
died at Tabruk you know,
I have a medal”

“Later I saw that he was lost
somewhere in there.
There have been moments…
he’ll catch your eye
and say something, and smile.
I know he loves me”.

I lie back in the grass
passing time to let the rush hour go
before we show our faces to the journey.
Johnathan looks up,
then half across at me and says
“The sky is a great big green balloon”,
I look up
and see it just the same,
“Yes it is” I say.

Yes it is.



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11 responses to “The sky is a great big green baloon

  1. Anonymous

    Love this Si…good to read you again.


  2. siphilbrook

    Thanks Carly,

    Yours is my very very first comment. It’s nice that it’s someone who remembers “The Big Ugly”. I was thinking about that today. Yours could of course be my one and only ever comment, but I could live with that.

    Love you


  3. Anonymous

    Haha…I forgot to log in to WordPress. I have a blog here too but I forget about half the time. It’s at . Yes Myspace is awful now. I still have a bunch of poems to get off my blog there. Its such a pita. I think you will have many comments although people tend to want to buzz around FB for the most part.

  4. Anonymous

    A delightful poem and one I enjoyed reading. You are very talented for sure.

  5. Anonymous

    Truly a beautiful piece, Si. A different voice that other poems, but truly beautiful.


  6. Peter Doyle

    I guess it is Si. Nice to read something from your perspective.

  7. siphilbrook

    Thanks Debs, and thanks for letting me know it’s you.

    Love you loads, another survivor of “The Big Ugly”. I will do a brief history of myspace poetry from my perspective at some point!



  8. siphilbrook

    Thanks Larry, despite your obvious insanity you are still one of my best friends online!

    And thanks Peter, I hope all is well down under. I hope your work in this field is still going well.


  9. Yes it is … A Big Green Balloon! Lovely piece Si! A world is as large as we perceive it and the view from Primrose Hill appears endless.

    I have a WP profile somewhere sulking with neglect. It will likely stay that way for a bit longer 🙂

    Much love, Susan

  10. Rose Morales

    You have an amazing amount of empathy, Si.

  11. siphilbrook

    Hi Susan, thanks and sort your WP profile out!

    Thanks Rose, you wouldn’t say that if you knew my dark side….oh hang on you do!



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