Woman (sonnet V from “decade”)

Beauty, you are woman, not in the curve
of your breasts or the fullness of your lips;
you are beauty in the spirit, the verve
with which you throw yourself at all life’s trips

and pitfalls. Beauty you are woman through
eyes age-wearied in their love and breasts made
rich in the suckling, and those that know
will see the beauty, truth that does not fade

or grey in the eyes of man. Woman you
stand tall and fierce with eyes of fire, with all
the desire of sex crackling through
your touch, and I hear the aching call

of eyes, and your lips are just soft enough
to remind me that what we are, is love.



Filed under Poems 2007-2009

4 responses to “Woman

  1. Now that is a sonnet! And a gorgeous one too!!!

  2. siphilbrook

    Thanks so much Susan, hope you are well.


  3. siphilbrook

    I love that you said it’s perfect (no poem of mine is ever perfect in my head). This one is also part of a larger prose-poem called “decade” which is made up of prose with six sonnets hidden in it. I will post it here at some point.

    Thanks Annette


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