Recognising the smell of shit

Recognising the smell of shit

I sit down and decide to write a shit poem
so shit that everyone has to say
“jesus this is shit”
and i start writing
sitting in the backroom
of an irish pub in Boyce Street
and then this girl walks in
all split skirt and legs
and suddenly i’m thinking of a poem by bukowski.
Yeah i see you, charles bukowski
sitting in your californian betting shop
eyeing up young legs
and guessing which horse
might just come in at 40-1
and laughing at me
and all the stupid-fucking-dimwit-poets
like me
who spend so long with their heads up their own arse
that they are no longer able
to recognise the smell of shit.



Filed under Poems 2007-2009

6 responses to “Recognising the smell of shit

  1. The stink of humanity is often edited from writing. This is so in-your-face human, it’s great fun.

  2. Anonymous

    You know what I love about you mate? You have a soft centre … just saying! I may not read anyone else’s deliberate shit poetry but I’ll read yours because it’s often good shit.

  3. Anonymous

    Oi! Since when have I become anonymous??? Shit!!! xxx-s

  4. Si, hellyeah , this is hilarious and great poetry

  5. Duane Kirby Jensen

    You know how to bring the smiles.
    And a few chuckles.

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