it is the poet,

it is the poet
who should reach out,
as loud as sudden death
with every breath
to the reader,

it is the poet
who should share,
to reveal,
steel yourself
for honesty,

it is the poet
who should learn to speak
a reachable language,
a clarity
of thought,

it is the poet
who should give deference,
not hide behind
and dusty reference,

it is the poet.


7 responses to “manifesto

  1. it is the poet
    a triage of honesty
    amongst festering open wounds
    lingering without cure

    it is the poet
    that defines Si
    exemplifying our task
    word upon word

  2. siphilbrook

    What a lovely response.

    Thanks my friend, and thank you for induling me and dropping by.

    Love you


  3. Very happy you are back, Si. I always took your words to heart on myspace, and I too, miss the artistic exchange that Facebook makes more sterile, for whatever reason.

  4. Anonymous

    It is the poet all right. Though not all of us have the guts to scream as loud as you

  5. siphilbrook

    Thanks Debs,

    I don’t know if I have any guts at all, but I do know how to make a lot of noise!

  6. Ashley French

    It is the poet that omitted in utter solemnity
    her guts commuted tongue, moral foreboding.
    To scream
    ‘This’s yours’, that false hospitality, imprisoned
    nostalgic micro dot: chicken soup for the plugged up ear.
    To parrot back “affirmative” and lie unaltered.
    The hum of dull computers.

    For honesty and coherence are in no sense polarized,
    excluding real confusion leaves the verse lobotomized.

    At least that’s how I feel… Just now. But manifestos are set in wood?!

  7. Anonymous

    Cheers Ash,

    This is just my manifesto and yours is equally as good, having one is most of the point I think. If we are not aiming at something when we write and in the way that we write how can we possibly hit the target?


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